Complete Fire Prevention Solutions

Providing solutions to all business types including Fire Products, Fire Servicing and Fire Safety Training to ensure
your staff and investments are kept safe.

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance Services

Our Professional services include the Supply, Fitting and Maintenance of your Fire Extinguisher Appliances.

Fire Risk Assessments

We carry out Fire Risk Assessments that will dramatically reduce the risk of fire at your premises and help ensure
the safety and security of your Employees, Customers and your Business.

Fire Safety Training for your Business

We provide complete Fire Safety Training Courses to safeguard your Staff, Customers and your Business.

Extinguisher Refills

Regular Maintenance

Refill maintenance
None of us know when we are going to need to use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket. Having well maintained and well positioned...

Fire Extinguishers

Supply and Maintenance

Quality that comes with service
We aim to provide exceptional customer service at all times by providing superior products, meticulously designed...

Fire Warden Training

Delivered in your workplace

Professionally delivered
Our fire safety training instructors are fully qualified and insured fire safety professionals. When they deliver a course they can draw...

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance

Portable Fire Extinguisher – Classification

Fires are classified in four groups A, B, C, and D         Class A fires – are fires involving organic solids like paper, wood, etc Class B fires – are fires involving flammable Liquids. Class C fires – are fires involving flammable Gasses Class D fires –...
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Bonfire Night Fire Safety Advice

This information is intended for those organisers who are mounting firework displays or organising bonfires for the general public. It contains important information about your responsibilities to the public and the staff involved. Bonfire Night Fire Safety – Remember that safety is the key to having a safe and successful...
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Fire Extinguishers in Liverpool, Supply and Maintenance

assisting you in complying with your legal obligations under current Fire Safety Legislation, Health and Safety Law and Fire Safety Training.

Stewart Fire Protection Ltd is a Liverpool based family business –  Fire Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance in Liverpool. We were established in 2004 by Jeff Stewart who built the business on an excellent foundation through reputation and 25 years experience in the Fire Protection Industry. In May 2006 Stewart Fire Protection Ltd purchased a Manchester based company called Shelbourne Letheby Fire Protection Ltd. Our Main services include Fire Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance, Risk Assessments, Fire Surveys, Fire Warden Training and we offer fire consultancy to ensure your business meets current Fire Safety Legislation.

We offer a large range of Fire equipment and spares for all extinguisher manufacturers, fire hose, extinguishers, foam concentrates, trailers and inductors. Stewart Fire Protection is totally committed to meeting the demands of safeguarding life and property. We aim to provide exceptional customer service at all times by providing superior products, meticulously designed and manufactured to the highest specifications with the added bonus of high levels of technical support and a dedicated client after service. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and guarantee all enquiries are handled promptly and efficiently.
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