Fire Accessories

Fire Accessories – We offer a large range of Fire Accessories to compliment your Fire Extinguishers or Fire Safety equipment. Stewart Fire Protection is totally committed to meeting the demands of safeguarding life and property.

We aim to provide exceptional customer service at all times by providing superior products, meticulously designed and manufactured to the highest specifications with the added bonus of high levels of technical support and a dedicated client after service. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and guarantee all enquiries are handled promptly and efficiently.

Our range of accessories includes the FireCaddy, ID signs, brackets, pre delivery inspection labels, backboards, covers, stands, boxes and trollies. In line with British Standards, fire extinguishers should either be wall mounted or placed on stands. Wall mounting or stands help to ensure that the extinguishers remain in the correct location and that they are quickly and easily accessible in the event of a fire safety emergency.

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Fire Extinguisher Supply and maintenance

CO2 Fire Extinguishers: Class B Fires

High Performance CO2 extinguishers for flammable liquid and electrical hazard risks. CO2 fire extinguishers are used on fires involving electrical cables and electrical equipment and on fires involving flammable liquids. Full Product details for the CO2 Fire Extinguisher Group

Water Fire Extinguishers: Class A Fires

Water Fire Extinguishers offer protection against Class A fires that typically involve common combustible materials such as wood, paper, straw, textiles, soft furnishings and materials and are ideal for use in the workplace. Our Water Fire Extinguishers are available in 6ltr and 9ltr standard models. Full Product details for the Water Fire Extinguisher Group

Powder Fire Extinguishers: Class A B C Fires

Perfect for a car or home, the Powder Fire Extinguisher contains ABC powder that is multi-purpose and fights any type of fire (except flammable metals). Suitable for homes, vehicles, mobile engineers, plumbers and all sorts. ABC powder extinguishers are suitable for fighting Class A fires, Class B fire (flammable liquids), Class C (flammable gases), and fires involving live electrical equipment. PowerX can be maintained and refilled by any qualified service company. Full Product details for the Powder Fire Extinguisher Group

AFFF Foam Fire Extinguishers: Class A B Fires

AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) fire extinguishers are ideal for any office environment. The dual Class A and Class B rating of foam extinguishers allows them to be used against both solid and liquid burning fires. These extinguishers also have a conductivity rating of 35kV which means that, although they are not designed for use on electrical fires, they can be safely used on typical electrical office equipment. Our AFFF foam extinguishers are manufactured to BS EN3:1996 and are kitemarked. Full Product details for the AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher Group

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers: Class A F Fires

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are specially designed to safely tackle Class F (cooking oil / deep fat fryer) fires. They also have a Class A (wood, paper, straw, textiles etc.) rating which can be incorporated into the fire extinguisher provisioning of a building. The extinguishers are supplied with a unique applicator (wand) that allows the extinguisher to be used from a safe distance. With the combined Class F and Class A rating, wet chemical fire extinguishers are ideal for any catering establishment. Full Product details for the Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Group